2012 – Batch 1, 2 & 3 Update (3)

The 2 fermenting bins left over from the 2012 production (batch 3) have now been bottled (well bag-in-boxed!).

All labelling has been done as well, with a few wacky names created for some of the variations created in last years production! Have also labelled up the boxes remaining from 2011’s production.

Labels to be uploaded very shortly to the gallery.

2012 – Batch 1,2 & 3 Update (2)

So just before the new year (i.e. a day before I think!) I boxed up batches 1 & 2 as follows:

Brew 1, Demi 1, 2, 3 & 5 – 1 x 5ltr box each

Brew 2, Bin 1 – 2 x 10ltr boxes & 2 x 5ltr boxes

Brew 2, Demi 1 – 1 x 5ltr box

These will now go through a naming process (got a few ideas) based on the various experimental additions for this year (which have all been quite successful) and then it’s time to design the labels, so watch this space…

Anyone interested in some of the 2010 (yep still got 1 or two 5ltr boxes left) or 2011 productions then let me know – they appear to be aging well… For those of you interested I am looking to do a Sider tasting in the coming months, once it’s warmed a little!

2012 Taste Test

Sampled a couple of this years Sider variations this evening, and below are my tasting notes (as they stand at the moment!)

Brew 1 Demi 1 (added raisins) – soft, dry raisin flavour. Not too overpowering, takes the edge off the sharpness that the Sider tends to come out as.

Brew 1 Demi 2 (light brown muscovado sugar added) – Rich, dark, caramel colour. Nice strong, but soft flavour. Could be quite potent at around 8% abv!

Brew 1 Demi 5 (whisky oak chips added during secondary fermentation) – subtle hint of whisky both in odour and flavour, very tasty one!

Brew 2 Demi 1 (Cinnamon stick added to secondary fermentation) – nice light colour and odour, tastes a little sharp and not enough cinnamon flavour coming through yet (more cinnamon sticks added)

Brew 2 Bin 1 (larger quantity of whisky oak chips added during secondary fermentation) – strong whisky flavour and odour,  but easy drinking. The oak chips have taken the edge off the sharpness that is sometimes present.

More to come when the latest batch of Sider has completed fermentation (currently bubbling away) and another taste of the cinnamon batch in a couple of weeks.

Bottling to take place soon on some of the above in the next week or so…

2012 Batch 1, 2 & 3 – Update

Quick update on this years batches…

Batch 1 – was racked off about 4 weeks ago so should be ready for bottling soon (or a 2nd racking off depending on the amount of sediment remaining) – quick synopsis of the ‘blends’:

1 gallon with chopped raisins added – interesting taste, can taste undertones of raisin (not too overpowering)

1 gallon with 250g of light muscovado sugar added – darker in colour, and pretty strong (8.3% approx) – tasty one this one!

1 gallon with whisky oak chips added – the chips seem to have a little edge off the Sider, and at the same time add a light whisky flavour – very quaff-able!

The 2 remaining 1 gallon demi-johns from batch 1 have been left as-is.

Batch 2 – racked off, whisky barrel chips added to the 5.5 gallon bin and 1 cinnamon stick added to the 1 gallon demi-john to give it a bit of a Christmas flavour.

Batch 3 – approx 600g of dark brown sugar added to the 5 gallon bin which should take it up to a punchy 8% – Thinking of naming this one Duck Fog 2! The 5.5 gallon bin will be left as-is. Yeast added to both and hopefully they’ll kick off fermentation in anger soon, bit chilly in the garage so might be a longer fermentation than normal.

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2012 Batch 1 – Update

The first batch of this years Sider making has completed fermentation and has been racked off.

Of the speciality brews…. the raisin demi john and the brown sugar added demi john are smelling good, have resisted the temptation to taste yet! Of the other 3 demi johns, 2 remain as they, and the other has had some whisky oak chips added to see how that affects the flavour experience!

As for batch 2, it’s almost completed fermentation – expected to complete in the next day or 2.

2008 Batch – A little taster!

So, during the production of the 2012 batch 2 on Sunday I came across a bag-in-box of the 2008 production so thought I’d give it a little taste.

Expecting it to be pretty past it I had a very small sip and to my surprise it was actually really nice, seems like it has aged very well – especially as it had been opened previously (seems the bag-in-box tap keeps it sealed pretty damn well!) I could label it as a vintage… maybe!?

Happy days!

2012 – Batch 2 – Update

Batch 2 pressed today, a healthy 6.5 gallons worth – straight/plain Sider this time round (but might oak age it come secondary fermentation).

Many thanks to Adam Leach for his help this time round, even managed to watch the GP during the production phase – the wonders of technology! 🙂

2012 – Batch 2

The 2nd batch of Sider production is taking place this weekend, even though it’s only a week since the first batch was done we’ve already got a pile of apples fallen from the tree! Will be collecting some more apples over the weekend and doing an apple extraction from the tree Sunday morning to top it up.