2013 Batch 1 – Update

13 gallons pressed at the weekend:

3 gallons of normal sider made using apples from Emmer Green
5 gallons of apple, pear and blackberry sider made from Woodley apples
5 gallons of apple and blackberry sider made from Woodley apples

Yeast to be added next and then the fermentation should begin!

2013 First batch today

The first batch of the 2013 production starts today, got a few different ideas to try out this year so we’ll see how they work out.

Got a new source of some apples this year too, some eaters from Emmer Green so potentially new taste on the horizon!

Sider tasting….

The Sider tasting list:

Dry Sidertwig 2011 5.5% – Dry early September production
Woodley Sider 2011 5.5% – made from Brands House Apples
Bajan Brain Fade 2012 8.3% – abv boosted with 250g of Muscovado sugar
20 Legs Export 2011 6.6% –
WBC Reserva 2012 5.8% – Oak aged! (French & whisky oak chips added)
Duck Fog 2 2012 8.0% – abc boosted with 500g dark brown sugar
Spider 2011 4.7% – Apple & Pear blend
Woodley Peckwooder 2012 5.3% – Whisky oak chips added
Vintage 2008 ?% – can’t remember the %abv!

Binfield Beaut 2011 5.5% – made soley using apples from Binfield
+ a few others!

WANTED: Blackberries & Raspberries

As a result of the popularity of the Summer Fruits Sider at this year’s RAAJ festival I shall be producing (or aiming to) more this year… In order to do this though I require blackberries and raspberries in quantity – wild are best cos they are generally free! Know of somewhere nearby that has them in abundance then please get in touch 🙂

Thanks in advance.

RAAJ Latest Update

Successful (at least so I can gather) appearance for Woodley Sider at this year’s RAAJ festival – all sold out by the time we turned up on the Saturday evening!

Better up production this year to cope with the demand, assuming they and the CAMRA beer fest at Reading want some again next year.

RAAJ update

This is one of the siders that will be available at the Real Ale And Jazz festival in a couple of weeks time. This is the summer fruits batch, gorgeous colour (and tastes good too)


Tickets available for the festival at www.raaj.info

It’s Official…. Woodley Sider at RAAJ

Yep, I can confirm that Woodley Sider will be supplying a limited amount of Woodley Sider to the Reading Ale and Jazz Festival (http://raaj.info) – the siders supplied will be as per the previous post.

Did a taste test of the summer fruits variety (of some that I bottled) and it’s improved with flavour, with a rather nice smooth strawberry taste.

Get your tickets from the RAAJ website and I may see you there.

Exciting times….

Woodley Sider will be supplying some cider (4 x 10ltr bag-in-boxes) to the Reading CAMRA beer & cider festival that is taking place this coming May bank holiday.

Need to decide which ones to ‘showcase’ but likely to be production from 2011 which has had time to age.

I am also waiting to hear from the Real Ale & Jazz festival as to whether they would like to source some for their July event.