Reading Beer & Cider Festival

Woodley Sider will be at the Reading Beer & Cider Festival this weekend (1st – 4th May) so get yourself down there and try some Siders!

There will be 4 Siders on offer at various points over the weekend. See previous posts for details.

2013 – Completed…. At last!

The remaining 5 bins and 3 demi-johns have been boxed/bottled today marking the end of the 2013 production.

It has got to be said that it has been epic!

Just some labelling to do now.

Seriously need to shift some of it now, any beer & cider festivals out there that might be interested in some Woodley Sider then drop me an email.

Reading Beer & Cider Festival – Order Received!

This years CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival, taking place from the 1st to 4th of May ( have placed their order for some Woodley Sider. The following ciders will be available over the course of the festival:

Wibbly Wobbly @ 6.3%

WBC Export @ 6.3%

Roundabout Reserva @ 6.2% (whisky oak barrel chips added to secondary fermentation)

Spider @ 7.4% (an apple and pear blend)

This doubles the quantity that was supplied at last years festival, so good news for Woodley Sider House 🙂

2013 Update – yep still going!!

5 fermenting bins and 3 demi-johns racked off, ready for bottling in a few weeks!
2 fermenting bins and 2 demi-johns bottled and ready for labelling.

2013’s production has taken a few months longer than previous years, and with it a few new varieties of Woodley Sider which I’ll be posting more about in the next few days.

2013 Update (still going!)

Bottled/boxed two 5 gallon bins today, need to sort out labelling now.
Racked off a couple of bins and 2 demi johns so they should be ready for bottling/boxing in a couple of weeks.
Still got seven fermenting bins bubbling away, must have been a colder November/December as fermentation has taken a little longer than previous years!

2013 Update (labeling)

The Siders from last year’s crop that have already been boxed have now been labelled. Labels can be viewed in the photo gallery.

Still quite a bit fermenting away in the garage and a couple of bins ready for racking off.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from everyone (!) at Woodley Sider, still got a good few gallons fermenting away in the garage so going to have a busy month ahead with racking, bottling and labeling.

All going well you will be able to drink Woodley Sider in a pub in Reading, exciting stuff. We’ll also hopefully be at the Reading Beer Festival in May, and RAAJ Festival in July in 2014 with more Summer Fruits Sider which was popular!

Festive greetings to you all.

2013 Update

Racked off the chilli (somewhat nuclear version) cider and a bin of standard cider.

Bottled/boxed GrApple (apple & grape), Summer Fruits 2013 (rather tasty) and two 3 ltr boxes of Perry (extremely limited edition).

Below is a picture of the Summer Fruits 2013 that we bottles a few of (the majority was boxed) looking rather scrummy!