2015 Production – Final Batch

This weekend is potentially the final batch of Woodley Sider making for the season, acquired a few apples to go with the remaining apples off the tree, hopefully enough for 5 gallons.

Racking of previous batches almost complete, some re-racked to produce a sweeter cider this time round (at a slightly lower percentage).

2015 Production Update (Batch 6 and some bag-in-boxes!)

Batch 6 made at the weekend after an early morning scrumping on a roundabout in Bracknell… 9.5 gallons pulped, pressed and now fermenting away (well once the yeast takes effect).

Racked off 2 bins prior to fermentation completion which has given a sweet cider (first time attempt) which will hopefully keep it’s sweetness – need to keep an eye on it to ensure fermentation has actually stopped!

Delivery of bag-in-boxes today – should be enough to keep us for going for a few years (see pic below).

2015-10-15 12.39.24

2015 Production Update (Batch 4 & 5)

Bit of a catch up on this years production, 2 recent batches pulped, pressed and into fermentation:

Batch 4 – 14 gallons (10 of which was made using apples that Tutts Clump Cider neglected to collect from a lady in Tadley – their loss, our gain!). The other 4 gallons are a perry made from locally sourced pears.

Batch 5 – Another batch of apples delivered by Mr Eley (thanks again!) – 7 gallons this time round, made from the same apples that were used in batch 1 – this time round they were a lot better (i.e. no mush!)

With regards to Batch 1 – they got racked off and some interesting dried chillis and are ready for a secondary racking off.

More apples expected in the next week or so….

2015 Production – Update (batch 3)

Apples picked yesterday successfully pulped and pressed today with the help of Adam. 5.5 gallons made from the Brimpton Common apples and 6 gallons made from the Finchampstead apples.

Still got the Finchampstead pears to do at a later date… ran out of time today!

Racked off batch 1 (2 demi johns) and added some interesting dried chillis to secondary fermentation.

Operation Scrump!

Scrumping (not strictly true as had permission from owners) today was successful… mostly apples but managed around 3 bags of pears as well. More apples (and possibly pears) arriving on Monday… just got to work out when to get it all pressed!!

Bags of apples (and a few of pears) collected today from Brimpton Common and Finchampstead.


2015 Production – Update

A successful day making sider today which included a climb up the tree to get to the nice juicy red ones at the top! ~11 gallons pressed ready for yeast in a couple of days.

Still plenty of apples on the tree but also on the look out for more (Mr.E thanks for the delivery of apples earlier in the week)!

Thanks as always go to Adam Leach for his invaluable help.


2015 Production – An Interesting Start…!

An interesting start to this years production with the first batch off apples that arrived the other week…. The consistency of the apples turned out to be a little on the squidgy side after washing and ended up making more of an apple sludge that apple juice! And only made around 2 gallons worth :-S

We’ll see how it works out over the next week or two… Let’s see how the next batch works out in a few weeks time when the apples should really start to ripen and the harvest really starts to take off.

2015 Production – an early start?!

Taken delivery of my first batch of apples (from external sources, thank you Mr. E!) today, enough for around 3-4 gallons. Seems this years harvest is starting that little bit earlier than previous years, better get the production line starting soon…

Woodley Sider @ Sherfest 2015

For a second year Woodley Sider will be available at Sherfest, a community festival in Sherfield. Check out the flyer below, and if you’re not busy then pop down and support the local community event.



The following Siders will be available:

  • Bajan Brain Fade 2013  @ 8.3% (cider with added muscovado sugar)
  • Ninety One @ 6.3% (dry cider)
  • a&b @ 5.8% (apple and blackberry cider)