Last brew of the season!

This weekend marks the last crushing/pressing of the season for 2011, and only looking to be around 2 gallons or so (depends on how many more apples I can retrieve from the tree climbing that beckons!).

Fermentation of the rest has been slow due to the cold weather, but hopefully should have a whole load to rack by the end of the month, and then bottling in time for Christmas 🙂

Still need to acquire some 275/330ml clear bottles for the new and interesting flavoured ciders I’ve experimented with this year.

Poor Show….

Well the beer festival was a bit of a poor show as far as Woodley Sider was concerned (and most of the other ciders for that matter), not half a busy as usual so sales were low. You learn from these events and as a result Woodley Sider will be concentrating on producing Sider for the April beer (& cider) festival.

As a result I have 4 x 5ltr bag-in-boxes (approx. 8 pints) of last years (2010) production available @ £12 a box (that’s £1.50 a pint).

Brew 1 bottled!

Brew 1 which was crushed & pressed on 27/8 has been bottled – 2x 10ltr bag-in-boxes for the Redshoot Beer (& cider) festival this weekend, to go with the 4x 5ltr bag-in-boxes that I have left over from last years brew. I was also able to bottle up 8x 75cl green bottles with the remainder of the 6 gallons.

Had a quick taste of this years brew and it’s quite a lot different in flavour to last years (a result of the different apple varieties acquired this year)

New T-Shirt design!

New Woodley Sider T-Shirt design out now! Get your orders in quick for a fantastic special offer price of only £5 per t-shirt (limited offer, ends Oct 4th!).

Click on the above for a larger image….


1 pint = 1 of your 5-a-day*
5 pints = memory loss**
* maybe, but probably not!!
** probably, but maybe not!!

Latest update from Woodley Sider

Racked off the first brew from 27/8, so that’s 5.5 gallons of apple Sider completed fermentation and now transferred to another fermenting bin to settle ready for bottling in a week or so – hopefully in time for the Redshoot Beer Festival.

6 crates of apples are currently soaking in water to give them a clean ready for the next session of crushing & pressing this weekend.

5ltrs from the 2008 brew have had the tap removed from the bag-in-box and the opening covered with some muslin to let it breathe and hopefully develop into Woodley Sider Vinegar!

FOR SALE – Woodley Sider T-Shirts

Got a small supply of Woodley Sider t-shirts available (in sizes Medium 38″-40″ or Large 42″-44″) at only £10 each. See below for the design, these come with a blank back and not the previously posted t-shirts with Staff on the back (which are only available to those that help out in the production process).

If you want to purchase on these superb t-shirts and give Woodley Sider a little advertising then send me an email using the Contact Us menu option. Order now to avoid disappointment 🙂

Preparation for Brew no. 3

Acquired more apples this weekend, 2.5 crates via CK, 0.5 crates from Laithwaites trees in Theale, and 2 crates off my own trees! (And there are still more to get off our trees, but need assistance getting up the tree at the weekend!).


4 gallons of re-pressing done, 3 of apple and mixed berries, and 1 gallon of pear. 1 of those gallons has had additional sugar added to bump up the alcohol level so that could prove interesting! The others are all around the 2-3% mark, so lighter in strength as expected.