More bottling/boxing!

Another three 5 gallon fermenting bins bottled/boxed, just leaving three demi-johns to be bottled at some point.

Also got enough apples (from a source in Binfield) to hopefully make another 5 gallons worth, which will be the last for this year – definitely!!!

27 gallons to bottle!

Got a bit of bottling to do now….. 27 gallons (approx. 186 litres) is in need of bottling, eek!!! Should keep me busy next week, assuming I don’t manage to get a new assignment at work!

Got to work out what sized receptacles to use (combos of 10ltr bag-in-box, 5ltr bag-in-box, 500ml bottles, and 330ml bottles) – Krypton factor time!!! 🙂

Bottling…. a phased approach!

Phase 1 – removal of labels from empty bottles (recycling 500ml beer bottles) – complete!

Phase 2 – sterilisation of 48 bottles, now drying…. 16 left for sterilising, once the 48 have dried. Still got a load of green bottles (75cl) that require cleaning, plus a delivery due of 60 330ml bottles for the limited edition mixed flavours that have been concocted this year, which will also need sterilising!

Phase 3 – Bottling and capping.

Phase 4 – Labeling (assuming I can remember what batch is in each bottle 😉 )

New website theme + other stuff!!

Found a better theme for the website ( which seems to work a bit better than the old one (too much white space)….

Currently working on some new t-shirt designs, and will be putting up a showcase (in the gallery, or might even become a separate menu item) of those already designed and available, so watch this space… Also included in this is an advertising campaign, possibly taking the pi$$ out of the various perfume/scent adverts you see these days, all a bit of fun anyway!!!

Anyone with suggestions on t-shirt designs or ideas on merchandise then let me know via the usual channels. 🙂

Brew no.4! Last of the season? Possibly not…!

Another 10.5 gallons crushed & pressed, massive thanks to Stu & Adam for their help again. Running out of fermenting vessels so unless I can get some racked off and bottled before the next batch of apples are ready then we’re probably looking at the quota for this season – which stands at approx. 50 gallons!

Last brew of the season!

This weekend marks the last crushing/pressing of the season for 2011, and only looking to be around 2 gallons or so (depends on how many more apples I can retrieve from the tree climbing that beckons!).

Fermentation of the rest has been slow due to the cold weather, but hopefully should have a whole load to rack by the end of the month, and then bottling in time for Christmas 🙂

Still need to acquire some 275/330ml clear bottles for the new and interesting flavoured ciders I’ve experimented with this year.