Play the name game!

Woodley Sider is going to be making an appearance at the Redshoot Beer Festival in April, and in order to avoid the confusion experienced last year (it didn’t taste the same as the previous beer festival – mostly because no ‘brew’ of Woodley Sider tastes the same) I need to come up with a name…

Make it boring, funny, rude (ish) whatever….

Get your thoughts in and I’ll choose a winner (4 bottles of Sider for the winner) 🙂


Woodley Sider – Super Strength (or WS – SS) is bottled and ready for drinking…

Originally set out to be a re-press at only 2.6% (abv) a few grams of sugar were added to push up to a healthy 9.8%, however it appears that it fermented beyond the estimated sugar content taking it to a mind-blowing 10.5% (hence Super Strength) so it’s not one to be taken lightly!!!

Just need to design a bottle label for it now.

Oh yeah, and it was a fruity combo re-press as well, so it’s slighly pink in colour!

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year from all of us at Woodley Sider.

Overindulged this Christmas and on a detox? Studies have shown that detoxing for a week or a even a month don’t actually do yourself much good, so don’t bother and get yourself some Woodley Sider and carry on drinking (responsibly of course, i.e. not at work!)…

There is still plenty of Woodley Sider available from 2011’s production and even some still in the fermentation stage (the Binfield special).

Woodley Sider availability – 06/12/2011

Below is a list of Woodley Sider variants available – limited stocks, especially for the apple combo brews!

Batch %age Bottled Flat/Fizzy Size Type
1B12708 5.5 03/10 Flat 75cl Apple
2B11109 4.7 18/11 Fizzy 500ml Apple/Pear
2B11109 4.7 18/11 Fizzy 75cl Apple/Pear
2B11109 4.7 18/11 Flat 5ltr Apple/Pear
2B21109 5.5 01/11 Fizzy 500ml Apple
2B21109 5.5 01/11 Flat 5ltr Apple
2D21109 5.5 04/11 Fizzy 500ml Apple & Blackberry
2D21109 5.5 04/11 Fizzy 330ml Apple & Blackberry
2D31109 5.3 01/11 Fizzy 330ml Apple & Summer Fruits
2R31409 2.4 01/11 Fizzy 500ml Apple & Summer Fruits
2R41409 2.4 01/11 Fizzy 330ml Apple & Summer Fruits
3B12509 6.0 04/11 Fizzy 500ml Apple
3B12509 6.0 04/11 Flat 5ltr Apple
3B22509 6.3 01/11 Fizzy 500ml Apple
3B22509 6.3 01/11 Fizzy 330ml Apple
3B22509 6.3 01/11 Flat 10ltr Apple
3B32509 6.0 01/11 Flat 500ml Apple
3B32509 6.0 01/11 Flat 5ltr Apple
4B11610 6.6 18/11 Flat 5ltr Apple
4B11610 6.6 18/11 Flat 10ltr Apple
4B21610 6.6 18/11 Flat 75cl Apple & Summer Fruits
4B21610 6.6 18/11 Flat 5ltr Apple & Summer Fruits
4B21610 6.6 18/11 Flat 10ltr Apple & Summer Fruits

Label images added to the gallery!

Labelling done…

139 bottles all labelled up, a number of variations for all the different alcohol volumes and flavour combinations. Also created spreadsheet detailing what i’ve got so easier to manage.

Binfield Beaut!

The last batch of apples (acquired from a source in Binfield) have been crushed & pressed and will be ready for yeast addition in a couple of days. This special edition version of Woodley Sider will be given the name ‘Binfield Beaut’ which for those wine buffs out there and local to the area will hopefully get the naming connection!?

Get your orders in soon….

Anyone want some Woodley Sider for drinking this Christmas then best to get your orders in soon as they should be left to settle for at least a week following transportation.

Also available are some Woodley Sider t-shirts, ideal Christmas presents for those Woodley Sider lovers 😉

Use the contact us link on the menu to get in touch and I can provide a list of what is available and costs.