Beer & Cider Festival Stock

I intend to keep this page up-to-date with what stock I have available/suitable for beer & cider festivals, in varying sized bag-in-boxes (5ltr, 10tr & 20ltr).

Currently available:

Cider Name20ltr10ltr5ltr
PS Head (6.3%)1
BRW Sider (6.6%)1
18 (5.4%)1
Chilli Sider (6.6%)1
Spider (7.1%)1
Earleywood Sider (5.8%)1
W55.2 (5.5%)2
Blended Mystery! (6.0%)1
Chilli Sider 2018 (6.6%)2

For individual information about each sider check out the ‘Meet the Siders’ page.

Contact me for prices.