Reading CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival 2019

Once again Woodley Sider will be available at this year’s Reading CAMRA beer & cider festival, this time there will be more varieties on offer:

Barnyard Funk ’17 (5.0%) – this is a bit of a funky cider, not refined in any way so proper cider without all the shenanigans!

Wonky (6.3%) – standard dry cider, blend of different apples.

Blended Mystery (6.0%) – a magical mystery blend of leftovers (for want of a better word) from other batches when bottled/boxed. Will be an interesting one!

RP 42.1 (4.2%) – repressing with some added sugar to boost the %age a little.

W58.1 (5.8%) – standard dry cider from the 2017 production.

Funky Bajan (8.4%) – a dry cider with added molasses to not only boost the %age but also give it a rum style finish.

Rustic Sider Mk2 (6.8%) – exactly what it says on the tin!!

Pop along this coming bank holiday weekend to try some out…. As with most of my ciders I suggest letting it breathe a little in the glass before drinking as it helps with the flavour and aroma. đŸ™‚