2015 Production – Batch 8!

Yep, I know…. I said a few weeks ago that batch 7 was the final batch, but got offered some apples from someone in Earley and couldn’t pass up on free apples!

So this afternoon was spent ‘doing’ batch 8, 11.5 gallons which takes the total for this year to just below 70 gallons.

Also added some finished cider into the chestnut barrel to give it a little additional flavouring; plus bottled, capped & labelled 120 bottles for Orchard Box (see previous plug for them) which are now ready for collection.

Lastly the demi john of chilli sider (which had some interesting dried chillis added to it) was bottled – 14 bottles so extremely limited edition that one!

If you want to see how many apples made 11.5 gallons then check out the image below…

2015-11-22 12.20.22