2015 Production Update (Batch 4 & 5)

Bit of a catch up on this years production, 2 recent batches pulped, pressed and into fermentation:

Batch 4 – 14 gallons (10 of which was made using apples that Tutts Clump Cider neglected to collect from a lady in Tadley – their loss, our gain!). The other 4 gallons are a perry made from locally sourced pears.

Batch 5 – Another batch of apples delivered by Mr Eley (thanks again!) – 7 gallons this time round, made from the same apples that were used in batch 1 – this time round they were a lot better (i.e. no mush!)

With regards to Batch 1 – they got racked off and some interesting dried chillis and are ready for a secondary racking off.

More apples expected in the next week or so….