2012 Batch 1, 2 & 3 – Update

Quick update on this years batches…

Batch 1 – was racked off about 4 weeks ago so should be ready for bottling soon (or a 2nd racking off depending on the amount of sediment remaining) – quick synopsis of the ‘blends’:

1 gallon with chopped raisins added – interesting taste, can taste undertones of raisin (not too overpowering)

1 gallon with 250g of light muscovado sugar added – darker in colour, and pretty strong (8.3% approx) – tasty one this one!

1 gallon with whisky oak chips added – the chips seem to have a little edge off the Sider, and at the same time add a light whisky flavour – very quaff-able!

The 2 remaining 1 gallon demi-johns from batch 1 have been left as-is.

Batch 2 – racked off, whisky barrel chips added to the 5.5 gallon bin and 1 cinnamon stick added to the 1 gallon demi-john to give it a bit of a Christmas flavour.

Batch 3 – approx 600g of dark brown sugar added to the 5 gallon bin which should take it up to a punchy 8% – Thinking of naming this one Duck Fog 2! The 5.5 gallon bin will be left as-is. Yeast added to both and hopefully they’ll kick off fermentation in anger soon, bit chilly in the garage so might be a longer fermentation than normal.