Woodley Sider naming ceremony….

Didn’t get a huge response regarding witty (or non witty) names for the Sider that I’m due to take down to the Beer Festival in April, so I’ve come up with a few names myself and I’ll take a vote…

The choices are (unless someone comes up with any others), along with a brief explanation:

Newton Wonder – The largest apple tree variety we’ve got in our garden.
Mixed Bag – with multiple sources of apples, it’s kind of a mixed bag
Six percent – percentage of the Sider
Brands panking – the majority of the apples in this batch were from Brands House (say the name quickly)
BHS – stands for Brands House Special
Murky Pool – play on popular wine Cloudy Bay
Woodley Wobbler – Self explanatory really
TLP – Tastes Like Pi** (although it doesn’t!)

If you like a particular one or have another suggestion, then leave a comment against this post in Facebook or email using the link in menu above.