Exciting times….

Woodley Sider will be supplying some cider (4 x 10ltr bag-in-boxes) to the Reading CAMRA beer & cider festival that is taking place this coming May bank holiday. Need to decide which ones to ‘showcase’ but likely to be production from 2011 which has had time to age. I am … Continue reading

2012 – Batch 1, 2 & 3 Update (3)

The 2 fermenting bins left over from the 2012 production (batch 3) have now been bottled (well bag-in-boxed!). All labelling has been done as well, with a few wacky names created for some of the variations created in last years production! Have also labelled up the boxes remaining from 2011’s … Continue reading

2012 Taste Test

Sampled a couple of this years Sider variations this evening, and below are my tasting notes (as they stand at the moment!) Brew 1 Demi 1 (added raisins) – soft, dry raisin flavour. Not too overpowering, takes the edge off the sharpness that the Sider tends to come out as. … Continue reading

2012 Batch 1 – Update

The first batch of this years Sider making has completed fermentation and has been racked off. Of the speciality brews…. the raisin demi john and the brown sugar added demi john are smelling good, have resisted the temptation to taste yet! Of the other 3 demi johns, 2 remain as … Continue reading