Some stats for 2013

7 batches of Sider made this year 7 sources of apples this year 500g of sultanas used 3kg of sugar used (varying types) 1 five gallon bucket of grapes used 300g of honey used 2 gallons (ish) of Perry made 91 gallons in total produced or in production Which is … Continue reading

Batch 7 (aka 6.5) update

Batch 7 pulped and pressed today, 5 gallons made from the remaining apples from last weekend, topped.up with some from the garden. This takes the total to 91 gallons for this year and to celebrate this record the last batch will be known as “ninety one”.

2013 Update

Huge apple collection made today from Purley-on-Thames – looks like it could be enough to make another 15 gallons – plus got a ‘shed’ load more apples being delivered tomorrow! Batch 6 to be pulped and pressed next weekend. First lot of boxing/bottling done today too…. (4 fermenting bins worth) … Continue reading

2013 Batch 5

A smaller batch made yesterday, 7 gallons of apple & pear (or Spider as we like to call it) and all done using the new custom made cider press stand (photos to follow soon, and blueprints currently with the patent office). Thinking about getting some decal for it too, just … Continue reading

Woodley Sider on Twitter #gettingwiththetimes

Woodley Sider is now on Twitter (@woodleysider) so hopefully posts on this site will appear as links in both Facebook and Twitter. Please like/follow Woodley Sider on both social networking sites to spread the word, using the little ‘Follow Me’ applet on the right hand side ——>>>>>> 🙂  

2013 Batch 4

Batch 4 pulped, pressed and ready for yeast addition tomorrow! 15 gallons done this time round… 6 gallons of plain and simple apple Sider. 6 gallons of, what we’re going to call Strudel Sider (with 1kg of dark brown sugar, 500g of juicy sultanas and some cinnamon sticks added) – … Continue reading