Reading Beer & Cider Festival

Woodley Sider will be at the Reading Beer & Cider Festival this weekend (1st – 4th May) so get yourself down there and try some Siders! There will be 4 Siders on offer at various points over the weekend. See previous posts for details.

2013 Update (still going!)

Bottled/boxed two 5 gallon bins today, need to sort out labelling now. Racked off a couple of bins and 2 demi johns so they should be ready for bottling/boxing in a couple of weeks. Still got seven fermenting bins bubbling away, must have been a colder November/December as fermentation has … Continue reading

2013 Update (labeling)

The Siders from last year’s crop that have already been boxed have now been labelled. Labels can be viewed in the photo gallery. Still quite a bit fermenting away in the garage and a couple of bins ready for racking off.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from everyone (!) at Woodley Sider, still got a good few gallons fermenting away in the garage so going to have a busy month ahead with racking, bottling and labeling. All going well you will be able to drink Woodley Sider in a pub in Reading, exciting stuff. … Continue reading

2013 Update

Racked off the chilli (somewhat nuclear version) cider and a bin of standard cider. Bottled/boxed GrApple (apple & grape), Summer Fruits 2013 (rather tasty) and two 3 ltr boxes of Perry (extremely limited edition). Below is a picture of the Summer Fruits 2013 that we bottles a few of (the … Continue reading