2015 Production – Final Batch

This weekend is potentially the final batch of Woodley Sider making for the season, acquired a few apples to go with the remaining apples off the tree, hopefully enough for 5 gallons. Racking of previous batches almost complete, some re-racked to produce a sweeter cider this time round (at a … Continue reading

Operation Scrump!

Scrumping (not strictly true as had permission from owners) today was successful… mostly apples but managed around 3 bags of pears as well. More apples (and possibly pears) arriving on Monday… just got to work out when to get it all pressed!! Bags of apples (and a few of pears) … Continue reading

2015 Production – an early start?!

Taken delivery of my first batch of apples (from external sources, thank you Mr. E!) today, enough for around 3-4 gallons. Seems this years harvest is starting that little bit earlier than previous years, better get the production line starting soon…

Woodley Sider @ Sherfest 2015

For a second year Woodley Sider will be available at Sherfest, a community festival in Sherfield. Check out the flyer below, and if you’re not busy then pop down and support the local community event.   The following Siders will be available: Bajan Brain Fade 2013  @ 8.3% (cider with … Continue reading

Reading CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival

We are pleased to announce that for the 3rd year running Woodley Sider will be available at the Reading CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival 2015 (http://www.readingbeerfestival.org.uk/) Siders available this year are: Super Strength Sider 7.9% WS14 Oak Aged 6.1% WS14 Chestnut Aged 6.4% Use the above link to get your … Continue reading