Labelling done…

139 bottles all labelled up, a number of variations for all the different alcohol volumes and flavour combinations. Also created spreadsheet detailing what i’ve got so easier to manage.

Binfield Beaut!

The last batch of apples (acquired from a source in Binfield) have been crushed & pressed and will be ready for yeast addition in a couple of days. This special edition version of Woodley Sider will be given the name ‘Binfield Beaut’ which for those wine buffs out there and … Continue reading

Get your orders in soon….

Anyone want some Woodley Sider for drinking this Christmas then best to get your orders in soon as they should be left to settle for at least a week following transportation. Also available are some Woodley Sider t-shirts, ideal Christmas presents for those Woodley Sider lovers 😉 Use the contact … Continue reading

More bottling/boxing!

Another three 5 gallon fermenting bins bottled/boxed, just leaving three demi-johns to be bottled at some point. Also got enough apples (from a source in Binfield) to hopefully make another 5 gallons worth, which will be the last for this year – definitely!!!

27 gallons to bottle!

Got a bit of bottling to do now….. 27 gallons (approx. 186 litres) is in need of bottling, eek!!! Should keep me busy next week, assuming I don’t manage to get a new assignment at work! Got to work out what sized receptacles to use (combos of 10ltr bag-in-box, 5ltr … Continue reading