2012 – Batch 2

The 2nd batch of Sider production is taking place this weekend, even though it’s only a week since the first batch was done we’ve already got a pile of apples fallen from the tree! Will be collecting some more apples over the weekend and doing an apple extraction from the … Continue reading

2012 – Batch 1

First batch of the 2012 production of Woodley Sider, many thanks to Stuart Marlow for his assistance – would have taken me 3 times as long without his help! Decided to jump straight into the experimental cider making, of the 5 gallons pressed, 1 will be fermenting with chopped raisins … Continue reading

2012 production

Apple gathering for this years production has started, got nearly enough for a 5 gallon bin, bit of tree shake required to top it up and start the 2012 batch. Watch out for a few interesting varieties this year, a bit more experimentation is in order!!! Also got the challenge … Continue reading

T-Shirt Designs – Update on products!

I’m please to announce that I can now offer the following additional products to the list of merchanise available (i.e. not just standard t-shirts!) Hoodies @ £25.00 (with full colour logos/images) – limited colours available, and they work best on white due to the design/colours.    Polo Shirts @£20.00 (with … Continue reading

New T-Shirt Designs

Created a couple of new designs available to order, prices available on request. The first design has a small logo on the breast (larger view of the logo to the right):         And the back has (list of cider names produced to date): The second design has the following printed … Continue reading

Play the name game!

Woodley Sider is going to be making an appearance at the Redshoot Beer Festival in April, and in order to avoid the confusion experienced last year (it didn’t taste the same as the previous beer festival – mostly because no ‘brew’ of Woodley Sider tastes the same) I need to … Continue reading


Woodley Sider – Super Strength (or WS – SS) is bottled and ready for drinking… Originally set out to be a re-press at only 2.6% (abv) a few grams of sugar were added to push up to a healthy 9.8%, however it appears that it fermented beyond the estimated sugar … Continue reading