2019 Production – The Final Boxing…

The last 60 litres of sider has been boxed, along with a number of bottles to use up the remainder of the fermenting bins. This concludes the boxing and bottling for last years production, just need to get a few more labels printed and stuck on boxes/bottles.

2019 Production – Boxing…!

160 litres of sider boxed today, and still got 6 fermenting bins to work through another weekend! Labels designed, just need printing and attaching to the boxes ready for this year’s beer & cider festivals, get your orders in!! 🙂

2019 Production- batch 4

Another successful cider making today (following yesterday’s pulping of apples into 10 large buckets). 18 gallons made, thank goodness for the hydraulic press… Made it that much easier! This takes this seasons total up to 61 gallons so far! If you want to know what that much looks like, see … Continue reading

2019 Production – Batch 3

Using apples that were scrumped yesterday from a roundabout in Bracknell, another 11 gallons have been added to this seasons production. This follows on from a re-press done earlier in the week following last weeks cider pressing. The total for this season stands at ~42 gallons so far….

2019 Production – Batch 1 Complete!

First batch of the season completed (pulped & pressed) ready for some yeast in a couple of days. A good start to the season with 20.5 gallons made, with some different variations to start: Apple with honey added (the cider equivalent to mead) Apple & Blackberry Apple & Pear