2017 Production – Batch 2 done!

2nd batch of the year done, 5.5 gallons of a combo apple and pear sider, should be a tasty one!

Kept the pulp and re-hydrated with water to do a re-pressing tomorrow for (in theory) a lighter percentage version. Then it’ll be off down the local pig farm with the pulped apple/pear 🙂

Thanks as always to Adam for your help this morning.

2017 Production – It’s a go, go, go…

Apples collected yesterday from Tadley all been through the scratter (so pulped) and ready for pressing tomorrow…. 8 bins worth of pulped apple (a combo of 25 and 30 ltr brewing bins so took a while!)

Apple harvest looks like it could be a good one this year, plenty of apples on our trees, a few weeks before they’ll be ready so that’s going to be my weekends sorted for a month or two!!!

Sherfest 2017

For the fourth year running, Woodley Sider will be available at this years Sherfest, check out their facebook page here and pop along if you can to support this local community event.

This year you will be able to get:

  • Chilli Sider @ 6.5% (got a chilli kick to it)
  • A&B Sider @ 7.2% (Apple & Blackberry)
  • Danger Danger @ 9% (added muscovado sugar and potent!)

Click on the image below for the bigger picture!

Sherfest 2017

2016 Production – November Update

The last 2016 batch of Woodley Sider got pulped and pressed today, a quieter year this time round, harvest wasn’t brilliant!

This batch consists of a 6 gallons of summer fruits sider (specially put together for Adam & Becci’s wedding next year) along with a couple of 1 gallon experiments. 1 gallon with some date nectar added; another with molasses sugar added; and the final one with ginger and cinnamon added. Will have to wait and see how they work out.

Total for the year comes to circa 28 gallons.

The next few months will be spent racking, bottling, boxing, tasting etc…